Lake of Menteith Competition 27/06/2015

Arbroath angling club travelled to the lake of menteith on Saturday 14 anglers competed and the results from this challenging venue are as follows first place Scott McGregor four trout for nine pounds,second Scott Reith three trout seven pounds,third Aaron Phillips three trout six pounds fourth was Malcolm Gall two for five pounds fifth George Gall two for four pound sixth was Graham Dunbar one at three pound,and finally Stan nicol one at two pound, the junior winner was Robbie Gibson with five all caught and released,and his father Phil gibson also caught and released two,guest rod Mike (wink) Souter also caught five trout for his days was a hard days fishing but perseverance paid off and some nice good fighting fish were caught.

scooty at menteith

River Tummel Competition 13/06/2015

seven anglers headed of to Pitlochry on Saturday to fish the river tummel for the George Gall memorial cup, the river holds some nice specimens of wild brown trout with fish of three pounds plus being landed by some fortunate anglers.Weather conditions weren’t to bad as there was cloud cover and light winds for the whole of the day although the wind was from the North east which curtailed any decent hatch of fly.The limit for trout is two and they have to be twelve inches in overall length to count.Come weigh in at eleven thirty only two anglers had trout to weigh in with the winner on the night with two trout for 1 lb 12 oz, was George (sye) gall. second was Scott Reith with one trout 14 oz.Both anglers trout came to spider patterns, other anglers reported hooking some good trout but losing them whilst playing them, overall it was a good days angling and all the guy’s thoroughly enjoyed there day out.

Wardens Report 3/06/2015

Long time ago, I worked at at a coal mine called Hawthorn Colliery, in Durham, I was just 15. I worked there just long enough to learn that there was a better way through life. Luckily for me just after I left Hawthorn it closed down and many men were made redundant. I class this as a lucky move because I escaped the troubles of redundancy and I volunteered to serve Her Majesty , her heirs and successors. Lucky move.
Here I am today 55 years later and I’m still under the influence of Hawthorn.
It’s Hawthorn time on the Lunan, what a day I had today. The wee river was alive with rising Trout. All thanks to the Hawthorn Fly. I caught 6 good fish and didn’t move. Just for good measure I caught the biggest fish I have ever had on the Lunan . A lovely Brownie of just over 16 inches long. I don’t take photos of my fish., they are not film stars. When the fish is hooked and brought to hand, for me the show is over. Everything has done it’s job, the rod, the line, the fly, and most of all the fish. It’s our job to get it back where it belongs without dithering gasping photo shots, not for me. Anyway, bottom line is that this cracking wee River is still full of surprises and we are privileged to have it on our doorstep.
Get down there. Hawthorn was lucky for me.

Loch Lee Competition 25/05/2015

Arbroath angling club held there latest competition at loch lee up glenesk.Fishing on the loch gives anglers the chance to catch wild brown trout,Arctic char, and if lucky enough you may encounter a salmon.Conditions for fly fishing were far from ideal as a very strong westerly wind was howling down the loch coupled with very bright sunshine it was going to be a very testing day. Nine anglers competed on the day and only two had a fish apiece come weigh in time at four thirty. Winner on the day was Ryan Dell with one nice trout weighing in at 1 lb 8 oz, second was Les Shepherd with one trout weighing in at 8 oz. The weather had the upper hand on the day and with better conditions I’m sure a few more trout would have been weighed in. Well done to Ryan Dell for winning his first competition for the club.

ryan dell

Backwater Dam Comp 10/05/2015

Full result from Arbroath Angling Clubs backwater competition,first George ( Sye) Gall twelve trout 4 lb 15 oz second was Scott McGregor twelve trout 4 lb 14 oz third was Scott Reith twelve trout 4 lb 11 oz fourth was Les Shepherd eleven trout 3 lb 13 oz fifth was Jim Thomson ten trout 3 lb 8 oz and sixth was John Woodeson two trout 1lb. Conditions on the day were ideal as there was a light south west wind blowing for most of the day and the skies were overcast which brought the trout up on the top, all the clubs anglers had trout and numerous offers to there flies with the most successful lines being a slow glass or midge tip.Flies were being blown on to the water and were very small and black in colour and the trout were free rising to them,anglers who matched the size and colour had good results on the day with most landing upwards of twenty apiece.The backwater is a great venue with plentiful small, but feisty fighting wild brown trout.Anyone interested in going up pop into lintrathen boat house where you can obtain a day permit at a reasonable cost for a days fishing.

River Tay Competition 3/05/2015

Arbroath angling club held there latest competition of there season on the river Tay.Weather on the day was abysmal, east winds blew for most of the day which was coupled with driving rain that made angling tricky to say the least.A four fish bag limit was set and anglers got to there beats and started from 9am till 4.30pm. Not many flies were seen coming off the river due to the cold adverse weather for this time of year but some were seen at 3.30pm at caputh where Scotty mcgregor had a couple of trout,one on wet fly and one on the dry fly.les shepherd had a great start and had four in the bag by 11 am. Scott Reith chose to try out a new bit of water and had three trout, he had quite a frustrating day as he dropped nine good fish whilst playing them.George Gall had two fish in the morning above the A9 motorway bridge and also lost a few nice trout that came off whilst playing,he had a nice pound and half grayling that was safely returned.He then went down below the a9 bridge where he took another two trout.full result as follows first George (sye) Gall four for 2 lb5oz second Les Shepherd four trout 1lb 14oz third Scott Reith three trout 1 lb 12oz fourth Scott mcgregor two trout 1 lb 10 wise a terrible day,but the trout were still active at times and the sport wasn’t to bad as most anglers had lots of chances to take a few more trout.

Scott Reith did a fishing mcnab catching a trout,a grayling,and an eight pound salmon on the same day,there’s not many anglers can claim this accolade,well done Scotty.

scoots tay

Lintrathan Boat Comp 25/04/2015

Arbroath angling club fished lintrathen reservoir today,weather forecast wasn’t very favourable as rain and gusty winds were forecast,however we got away without a soaking as the rain never came,in fact it was a pleasant day to be out in a boat as the sun shone brightly most of the day.fourteen club anglers competed on the day with the bag limit set at four fish.Most of the anglers headed of to the sawmill Bay Area of the loch where there was shelter to be had from the gusty north westerly wind ,however this area is most popular for anglers as it holds a lot of fish which are attracted to this part of the loch due to it’s shallowness where weed growth is prevalent and nurtures aquatic life for the trout to feed on.Come weigh in at 4.30pm six anglers out of the fourteen had there limit which was good angling.The winner on the day was Scott mcgregor four fish 9 lb 2 oz second was Jim Thomson (without the p) four 8 lb 8 oz third equal George ( sye) Gall ) and Jordan Webster both four 8 lb 2 oz fifth Andy wood four 7 lb 12 oz sixth Colin nicol four 7 lbs seventh Graham Dunbar three 5 lb 12 oz eight Colin smith 2 fish 4 lb 4 oz ninth Les Shepherd 2 fish 4 lbs tenth Scott Reith 2 fish 3 lb 10 oz and eleventh place and the heaviest of the day at 3 lb went to John Woodeson

Monikie Boat Competition 12/04/2015

Arbroath angling club fished Monikies island pond today,conditions were good with a south westerly wind and overcast skies,things looked good for the clubs first boat competion of the season. From the off trout could be seen rising on the surface to the numerous buzzers that were coming off , however they only seemed to be interested in taking blobs, fabs, or boobys pulled fast past them to induce a take.The fish taken were a good quality of rainbow with full fins and tails and good fighting fish.Full result for the day was first Colin Nicol five for 10 lb 12 oz, second Scott McGregor 5 for 9 lb 12 oz third George(sye) Gall 5 for 9 lb 9 oz fourth Aaron Phillip 5 for 8 lb 15 oz fifth was Jim Thomson 2 for 4 lb 5 oz Sixth Les Shepherd 2 for 3lb 12 oz seventh was Phil Gibson with 2 for 3 lb 9 oz and finally for the seniors eighth place Bruce Mcaskill 1 for 1 lb 14 oz. The junior winner was Robbie Gibson with 2 for 3 lb 9 oz.

monikie rainbow

monikie rainbow

Wardens Report 22/03/2015

Apologies for the delay in communication from me, these computers have no mercy and when they decide to collapse they do it at the the worst time. However, it’s been in the dockyard for repair and hopefully it will behave itself, at least until the end of my report.
Welcome to a new season on the Lunan. For some strange reason the Winter seems to have passed quicker than normal and suddenly we are here again looking for new sport. Well I can tell you that the River is all set to go, the fly-life has been encouraging over the past few weeks, plenty of good hatches of Large Dark Olives and the fish are feeding on them steadily. The hatches are not big and they are quite localised but they are big enough to show us where the fish are. It’s all part of the annual cyce on the River, it rarely lets us down and it’s always good to see. The water level right now is excellent , and it’s just the right colour for the fly and the flow is perfect.
The River was stocked recently, I don’t want to spoil your fun by telling you the main stocking areas but if you fish your usual hot-spots you will meet some good sport. And I mean good sport. These are some of the healthiest , well-fed, good-looking fish that we have seen for a long time. They are sourced from a local hatchery, they are healthy free-rising fish and I guarantee that they will bend your rod. The best thing about these local fish is that they don’t speak Latin.
The dreaded vegetation is still low enough to see the snags and bar-wire, there are plenty of ducks nesting and so again I ask you to be careful where you put your size tens. Just below the Cottge Pool is a bit of bad bank erosion, big lumps of earth falling off unstable banks, so be careful where you go.
The old sluice-gates at the very top of the water in Friockheim are are being looked at very carefullly by the Fisheries Trust with a view to remove them, and in case you hadn’t noticed, the Viaduct is finished and very nice it looks.
So, it’s all there waiting for you, the River is set to go and the fish are looking up, tight-lines to you all.
Good luck, M.

River Tay Competition 22/03/2015

A hard day was had for all for members of the AAC who made there way up to the River tay today.The weather was Overcast for most of the day with a strong gusting south westerly that was in your face around Stanley area making casting very difficult, where up near Dunkeld it was a little more sheltered but still no fly life was seen at these two beats. Scott Reith decided to go up to the top of the Stanley beat where he had a nice trout of a 1lb 4oz and touched nothing else for his day. George (sye) Gall had 2 half pound brown trout that made the 10 inch measure and a wee grayling for his day. I don’t think les Shepherd touched a fish but seen one or two rise, Jim Thomson blanked as well but thoroughly enjoyed his day.And Scott McGregor had a cracking brown trout at 3lb 2oz which he weighed as soon as it was out the water, but come weigh in time it was 3lb on the dot. He also landed another on the 1lb mark. Scott McGregor also dropped a fish in the first couple of casts and had a wee rainbow that accidently fell back in the water (cough) (cough) as your supposed to kill these. We decided to try the last couple of hours at Caputh where we were sheltered from the wind until it changed direction, we seen a couple of large dark olives and it look promising for a fish but we touched nothing, good start to season.